Took A Four Year Break

It’s been years I’ve been wanting to get this done.

Kill that old tumblr blog and move it wordpress.

So here we are.

It’s a mess!

I need a place to write “me” stuff. Tumblr just wasn’t it. And since I build wordpress sites for a living, I might as well just throw one together and get it live.

The import tool from Tumblr to WordPress was straightforward. Results? Meh. But it really is nice to see some of those old posts. I’m only going to edit a dozen or so for now, maybe go back and tackle the other 176 posts later.

Mostly I want this blog to write about my father, who passed away a couple of weeks ago. I don’t want to forget that experience, and I want to remember him. Writing about him will be one of the closest things I’ll have to actually being with him. So here we are.

I also want to write more about my work, professional and personal. I remember reading a long time ago that writing is the best way to help you understand what you’re thinking. So be it.

Okay. Close your eyes. Go.

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