My life as a bicycle commuter Part 2

OK, so I got a new used bike.  It’s a Trek 930, circa 1995, and it’s red.  Really red.  I was lucky enough to have it donated to me by a craigslister that saw my post about my bike being stolen.  He was a really nice guy and I can’t believe he just gave it to me.  But then again, I can’t believe my Kona got stolen.

So I picked it up last Tuesday and brought it straight to the Bike Peddler where my buddies Matt and Chris work.  Matt was kind enough to give it a tuneup and put on the new tires, shifters and brakes I bought for it.  He did an amazing job and I can’t begin to describe how awesome the bike rides now!  Believe it or not, this bike is better than my old one.  It really is.  I did a run of the hood and climbed some hills behind the house that I had never tried before.  No problem.

I’m looking forward to riding to work tomorrow!

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