One of the best concerts ever last night.  Went with Joey, Crazy Dave, Paul, Michelle and Matt to the Concord Pavilion to check out The Police and Elvis Costello and The Impostors.  My throat is destroyed from screaming, singing and yelling so much.  We had lower bowl seats right behind the orchestra pit.  Some of the best seats I’ve ever had for a concert this size, and for two of my all time faves.  Here’s what I thought:

  • Elvis Costello is a straight-up badass.  That fella just has all the attitude in the world up there.  And I think he’s probably totally under rated as a vocalist. And his band, The Impostors, rocked it hard.
  • Stewart Copeland played impeccably last night.  It was his birthday.  That guy has taken rock drums/percussion to a whole different level.
  • Nobody does what Andy Summers does.  He loves sitting on the edge of everything, keenly drifting in and out of the songs.  I loved watching him play.
  • Sting is a God.  A sexy God.  Even his sweaty armpits through his see through shirt looked sexy.  Only a God can do that.  And need I mention his musicianship and vocal ability AND songwriting prowess.  Yup, a sexy GOD.  I wish my sister Gica would marry him.
  • Sting came out and sang “Allison” with Elvis.  I was awestruck.  Note to self:  Don’t call everyone you know whenever you experience a legendary moment LIVE otherwise you end up missing all the good stuff.
  • I loved everything about the Concord Pavilion except for the strange janitors that would mop the aisles during the show.  That was weird.  Oh yeah, also the $12 beers and $5 pretzels are problematic.  But then, I guess it just means that I shouldn’t be drinking beer so much and eating so much, the same way I shouldn’t be using gas so much.
  • My favorite song  was either “Every Little Thing She Does is Magic” or “Next to You”

Special thanks to Matt for snagging the tickets and Joey who “forced” me to see the concert.  I still don’t understand how he was able to see Sting dancing backstage during Elvis Costello, and sure enough, shortly after the sighting, Sting ran out and started singing with Elvis.

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