Bike Path Road Rage

Yesterday I experienced a bit of Bike Path Road Rage.  It was just kind of bizarre, in the first mile of my commute this guy came up behind me and started ringing his stupid bell and yelled “on your left!”.  So I proceed to veer even further to the right and he still almost clips me as he passes.  He was some dork on a brand new bike.  I watch him as he does the same thing to two people that are in front of me.  It’s like he’s making a point of passing people.  Totally rude.  I figure he and I are about the same size and probably around the same fitness level, so I decide to pace him.  It’s easy enough to see that he’s the kind of guy that pedals super fast, then cruises because he’s tired, then pedals fast again, etc.  So I keep pacing him.  Finally, around the fifth mile, I come up behind him so he knows I’m there.  He looks at me and starts to sprint.  Having watched him this entire time, I know he doesn’t  have the energy to keep it up so I just keep tailing him to force him to use more energy.  Then I blast past him and don’t stop.  I can tell he’s not happy and he tries to keep up.  So I just keep going.  I have to admit, I was getting winded after another couple of miles, but I don’t let up.  Finally when I get into Sebastopol and I’ve slowed down because of pedestrians, he passes me up and says “Not a bad pace…” and turns off the road. I win.

Hmm.  I feel kind of dumb posting this.

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